The MAN TGL and TGM impress by offering enhanced power alongside greater efficiency thanks to our innovative D08 generation engines, the new intelligent MAN TipMatic® gearbox functions and a weight-optimised front axle.

In the future they will also be even more comfortable and fuel efficient on the road thanks to the optimised driveline. An additional plus: The new generation engines can also be fuelled with environmentally-friendly biodiesel – the environment will thank you with improved CO2 figures on your balance sheet.

Achieve more with less: the new generation of MAN D08 engines offer even greater performance and reliability on the roads, despite using up to 5% less fuel

Our secret: reducing down to the essentials. Thanks to much simpler exhaust-gas cleaning and cooling systems, the engine is lighter, less complex and more efficient.

Even lighter for greater payloads: the innovative engine and exhaust-gas cleaning concepts not only ensures optimal power delivery but also means you benefit from an improved payload balance thanks to the low engine weight. And of course, a lighter engine also reduces your fuel consumption considerably, saving you money and protecting the environment.

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