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MAN has re-engineered its engines and developed a new engine series to meet the statutory requirements of the Euro 6d emission standard, with the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The MAN engine series for model year 2019 ensures compliance with the Euro 6d limit values, with highly efficient emission control due to precise interaction between the technology installed within the engine itself, and the technology installed downstream from the engine.

MAN is combining the introduction of many innovations for reducing fuel consumption and for improving maintenance management. These include amongst others:

  • Cross-series development of fuel filter modules for the D08, D15, D26 and D38 Euro 6d engines
  • Internal engine measures (e.g. leak-free injection system, raising of peak cylinder pressure; not for D08)
  • Cross-driveline control of cooling components for the D15, D26 and D38 Euro 6d engines with controllable coolant pump for the D26 and the D15
  • Air compressor with economy system on all Euro 6d engines
  • Development of an airless SCR metering system for all engine series
  • Reduction in the number of exhaust gas after treatment system variants with the realisation of a modular system that has a total of two basic silencer variants (small and medium) the same size as the current Euro 6 applications –for trucks and buses
  • MAN engines D38 and D26 (SCR with EGR) are equipped with optimized thermal management and an improved common-rail injection system.
  • The D26 is fitted with a new EGR module and is now single turbo.
  • The D15 is a Euro 6d-compliant, newly developed engine (SCR without EGR) which replaces the D20 Euro 6c

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